Nanayasurabhi Housing Finance Ltd Seeking Financial Support


Nanayasurabhi Housing Finance Limited (NHFL) is a for-profit housing finance company promoted by social business leaders in 2014 to help rural, semi urban and urban poor communities on shelter: empowering women by way of providing healthy housing with water, sanitation, green energy and micro enterprise. NHFLs parent organisation has been working with 70,000 women from low income families in the last 20 years with a lot of development interventions. Under a financial literacy drive, they found for example that women keep priority for health through housing to reduce hospital expenses, increase the number of wage earning days, and to improve children's education by a clean environment. However, traditionally property rights were vested with men only, still today 80% of land ownership is male-dominated.

NHFL want to help low-income women and their families for financial inclusion to access loans for healthly living including housing.  Based on previous engagements with their customers to provide housing repair loans, sanitation loans, micro enterprise  loans and more, we know our client base well. 

Now, NHFL want to a housing finance licence to serve the low income women even better. They have already mobilized 80% of equity to get the formal approval. Now, they need financial support to mobilize the remaining 20%. 

The Project is taking place in Tamil Nadu, India. 

If you are in a position to support, please contact!