Kwangu Kwako Seeking Financial Partnership


With their homes, Kwangu Kwako wants to offer a viable alternative to the metal sheet and bush pole shacks common in Nairobi. Every year 1000s of homes in informal settlements burn to the ground, people are injured, possessions and vital documents are lost. Then, the houses are built again until the next fire. Something has to change. Kwangu Kwako's solution are precast concrete homes that are more resistant to fire and reduce the spread of fire. They also offer the benefit of being more secure, cooler, provide an invaluable feeling of permanence, etc. For Kwangu Kwako, the impact is demonstrated by the smiles on peoples faces when they sit in their new homes or visit the show house in Kangemi settlement.

Kwangu Kwako partners with Engineers Without Borders, HRSV, Community Groups, Churches within the target informal settlements, Amsco and Growth Africa. Together, they want to build 3000 houses.