Housing Microfinance Blog Series


In this blog series, we explore how housing microfinance can bring access to affordable housing solutions to low-income populations. The case studies will present a variety of housing finance products and services that are currently serving BoP clients and demonstrate the importance of cross-sector cooperation in facilitating outcomes. 


Comfama’s Rent-to-Own Affordable Housing Model

A Colombian employee benefits fund known as Comfama shows that housing finance is not only in the domain of microfinance institutions. Through a rent-to-own business model, Comfama helps low-income customers find a home while building their credit history.

Jamii Bora Brings a Holistic Approach to Affordable Housing

Jamii Bora is a microfinance institution that successfully developed an affordable, green neighborhood of 2,000 homes in Kaputei, Kenya. We analyze the strengths of the project's business model and offer insights about what the accomplishments reveal for the affordable housing sector.